Quality embroidered patches!

    We offer a wide variety of embroidered patches

     FCO provides high quality embroidered patches in a variety of shapes and sizes. We can make patches up to 15 inches wide x 15 inches high. We can hand make coat of arms  or other unique custom patterns up to 3 foot high (inquire about cost).


Embroidery base choices:


     Our base colors can sometimes spice up an otherwise dull design. The variety can provide more vibrant background colors and highlight depth. With the choices that vary from Felt base for the retro fan, chenille for the letterman groupie, reflective for the cautious minded, twill base for it's multiple shades, and Velcro for those who like to stick around. We have a backing to meet your demands. 


Embroidery thread choices:


     Just a small snapshot of the colors that we are able to offer for threads. They vary from rayon, polyester, metallic, glow in the dark, UV light, and neons. We use only high quality threads which pair nicely to our equipment to bring you a beautiful finished patch. 

What types of borders can we use?


     Borders can define a patch entirely and allow it to stand out, or highlight the quality of the product. As pictured here, 3D borders are available, as are the traditional Merrow or loopy border, and precise hot knife cut or laser cut. Each has it's purpose and meaning from hot knife cut sitting flush with a clean blend into the cloth, or the Merrow to stand out from the pack. You have the choice, just ask! We can help guide you as well. 

What kinds of backings?

pictured here is adhesive sticky back, Velcro, Iron on or heat seal, or sew on only patches

          Whatever you choose, we've got your back! Whether you chose Velcro, adhesive or sticky backs, heat seal or iron on, or no backings....you're set. We can help you choose the best option as well.  We can provide hook and loop sides of the Velcro. The  adhesive backings come ready to peel and stick. If you're looking for something flexible that flows with the fabric, sew on with no backing might be the best option. With heat seal or iron on, you can almost never go wrong. Questions about what may work best? Just ask!